by Albert Pons Tamayo


Holy Recycle is a unique and inimitable jewelry brand. Currently based in Mallorca, although she has spent time in Barcelona in recent years, the owner, creator and artisan of these beauties has dedicated much of her time to creating, but also digging.

Her proposal is clear and is as follows: find old accessories and jewelry and bring them back to light. To complete this process, the search is essential, as well as the restoration and customization process to transform the old into something new.

In addition, behind all this process we can also read a clear message: our most beloved treasures may be hidden somewhere, we just have to find them, and what better than reuse to close the circle!

Amanda started her brand a few years ago with religious medals, especially with motifs of virgins. However, one thing leads to another, and through his constant search, his symbology has also evolved, adopting other icons in his collections that take us from the 90s to the 60s, such as crystal flowers, gold dolphins, freshwater pearls, smiley faces...

We invite you to discover the selection of her jewels that we have at Club! How not! Amanda is also 50% of the creators of Club Palma and her pieces have also been a great starting point for our project!

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