About us

The concept of Club was created a few years ago, from joint ideas of Amanda and Albert; to have a collaborative space for artisans, artist and designers. To be a space for all trends and expressions, with inspiration related to contemporary styles and how these can be transferred to our homes, with the intention of being playful and original. 

Club will begin as a physical space in Palma de Mallorca, in the neighbourhood of Santa Catalina. It is a place to find all kind of homeware and art work faithfully created around the initial goal of Amanda and Albert. It is a place that shares their ideas about art and decoration, opening up doors to endless ideas and possibilities. 

Club is a meeting point, a creative space and a place for discovering. 

Who is Club?

Amanda has Swedish roots and was raised in Mallorca and studied Fashion Design in Middlesex University of London. Amanda’s passion lies solely in artistic expressions, from illustration, painting, ceramics, fashion and especially jewellery. She has dedicated a large portion of her professional career with her brand Holy Recycle

Albert studied Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona, where he is from. He has dedicated all his life to colours, either in a creative way through painting; murals and graffiti developed on walls and galleries in cities around the world. Also, Albert has put his skills and passion to good work professionally for companies such as spending several years working on sales for the specialist brand of spray paint Montana Colors.

This couple started Club from scratch with the intention of bringing new ideas and opportunities to the island of Mallorca, with some of the most interesting interior design brands and the invaluable collaboration from friends and artists from around the world.