by Albert Pons Tamayo

Of all the brands and collaborators with whom we work daily at Club, there is undoubtedly one that has completely stolen our hearts and has us madly in love... not only for its incredible designs and endless imagination, but also for its the story behind it.

This is Coucou Suzette, which was created in 2016 by the French artist and illustrator Juliette Mallet. It all started with the hashtag #freethenipple on social media, which inspired her to create a nipple-shaped pin... and like many things in this world, it all started with a boob, until it became one of the most innovative brands and creative of the moment!

His idea was added followers, until reaching the 200k that they currently have thanks to their incredible work, and from a pin they went on to create prints, and one thing leads to another, and other kitsch aesthetic accessories such as socks, unique jewelry and the famous hair clips!

Today, her collection is huge and full of imagination! His inspiration and references come from the animal and plant world, like his famous puppies and kittens, to parts of the human body, with eyes of all colors, hands, lips... to the most recent one, inspired by marine fauna. and that we, who live on an island in the Mediterranean, have been amazed since day 1!

We invite you to discover all the products that we have at Coucou Suzette on our website... And to immerse yourself in an incredible sea of shapes, colors, textures and creativity out of control.


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