How to transform waste into decorative art Club Palma

How to transform waste into decorative art

by Albert Pons Tamayo

Of all the brands that we have at Club, which are quite a few, without a doubt the ones with the clearest and most resounding message regarding ecological awareness are the Dutch Foekje Fleur.

This initiative was founded by a girl from Rotterdam, in the Netherlands, with the same name as this brand: Foekje Fleur. She has a degree in Fine Arts in her country of origin, and her vision is to create products that are friendly to the planet, colorful and joyful, but with a clear and concise discourse around environmental pollution.

Her pieces pay attention to all the details, in the aesthetic, quality and ecological sense, for example with her zero plastic policy. But in addition, they also leave a clear message regarding her position in this same sense. We at Club have joined her cause with two of her main projects: the soaps and the vases from Foekje Fleur.

The Soap Shop revolves around the idea that we can replace the soap containers in our house with bars, which can be just as practical in our day to day. To do this, they offer us a wide selection of soaps of all kinds produced by themselves or by other producers who make cold-pressed ethical soaps.

Secondly, we have several pieces from his Vase Project: this is one of the most famous from Foekje Fleur, and is based on a set of porcelain bottles ideal for decorating our home with flowers. In her own words:

“The Bottle Vase Project was inspired by a collection of plastic trash from the river Maas in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. After reading about plastic soup, I started looking more carefully at the river running through my home town and found plastic waste that had been accumulating there since the 1960s.

By creating durable colorful porcelain bottle vases copies of the material I find, I'm trying to spread awareness of this ever growing problem.”

A gorgeous collection of bottles of all kinds made from porcelain, which transforms waste into authentic works of art, and which among them make up a colorful and beautiful rainbow.

We encourage you to discover the Foekje Fleur collection on our website!

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