by Albert Pons Tamayo

After a while, we resume our blog... And this time we want to delight you with an interview with the great Danish artist Iga Kosicka.

She is a person we met through our Club store! She introduced us to her work and the truth is that we loved her delicate way of painting and the quality of her prints, so we decided that she should be part of the Club family!



- Tell us a bit about your project. Which kind of techniques do you use for your original paintings?


I usually start with a sketch that I prepare digitally, and later move on to working with an actual paper. I use mostly gouache paint and acrylics, but very often I add markers and crayons, to add more texture and vibrance.



- Maybe that could be an abstract question but, where does your inspiration come from? It’s visible in your work that you take pictures with your eyes of everyday life. How does this process work for you in the city of Copenhagen?


That’s true. I am the observer type, and my inspiration usually comes from the things that I see around me. I like to explore scenes from daily life and the mood of stillness - timelessness. The city brings me a lot of topics and colour combinations. Sometimes I take a picture to capture the moment and later transfer it into paper, another time I take a written note of the situation, describe the feeling with my words and again later try to paint it. It can be both the feeling of solitude or randomly lying objects that give the feeling of comfort with their shapes and colours.


- Are you more of a cat or a dog person? These animals are the main characters of your paintings!


I am a dog person that owns a cat. Ironic isn't it? People and animals are definitely my favourite topic.



- The quality of your prints is wonderful. Tell us a bit more: which kind of papers and printing systems do you use? How does the process of transferring your paintings to the print format work?

Thank you so much. The quality of prints is very important for me. And the method of printing in giclee/ fine art technique on a textured paper, makes the prints look very much like the original painted illustration. The process is rather simple. After I finish painting my illustration, I scan it in a high resolution, and prepare files for printing. The rest is done by the owner of my wonderful printing shop.



Your prints have been a great success at Club Palma. Can you tell us other cities and shops where we can find them around the world?

It makes me so happy to know that my prints are available in so many different and exotic places like Palma de Mallorca. I very often get messages from the customers from all around the globe, admitting that they have found my work in a particular shop in Canada, Australia, or Portugal, and they loved my work. It is such a nice feelling be present through my art in all their houses far, far away from little Denmark.


- Would you recommend us a song that could be a mirror of your own art?

Oh, what a great question. I guess it depends on the piece, sometimes it could be Visions of Gideon other times Boogie Wonderland.



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