by Albert Pons Tamayo

During the past summer we have met a new neighbour in our Santa Catalina neighbourhood in Palma de Mallorca, who has brought us something sweet and fresh every day: the best ice cream on the island.

During the "winter" months (note the quotes, because winter in the Balearic Islands deserves these punctuation marks in a notable way), they will have the store closed to delight us from the month of March with new flavors and delicacies.

Regardless, during the hot months they have been an amazing neighbor, giving us some memorable flavours. Our favourites: Extra Virgin (olive oil and Es Trenc salt with chocolate chips), Pistachio, Bananarama (banana+coffee+dulce de leche), Mango Lassi or some classics such as vanilla, strawberry, chocolate... All made with local, organic and quality products. Excellent!

The truth is that we miss them these days, and as nostalgia invades us, we have reviewed the collaboration of photos that we took together, with the collaboration of the Mallorcan photographer Dushan Szokolovics behind the camera, styling by Javier Viudez (photographer partner of the mythical Palma shop Piel De Gallina) and Ricardo Azkuenaga (ice cream maker owner of Elá Elá, concept designer & music lover).

In the photos, we decided to merge the suggestive colors and textures of the Elá Elá ice creams, together with some of our favorite decoration objects from our CLUB store, wrapped in backgrounds with pastel colors and somewhat surreal compositions.

You will find Elá Elá since March 2023 again in their shop in Plaça Verge del Miracle 6 (just in front of us!).

Here we leave you with some of our favourites:

Martini Curly Set of 2 in Pink by &Klevering

Wave Pitcher (in Blue and Pink) by Sophie Lou Jacobsen

Tiny Inka Cups (Set of 2) by OyOy Living Design

70s Ceramics Spoons M (Set of 4) by HKliving

Flare Candleholder M by Hay

Club Ceramic Collection (only available at the shop).

Bilboquet Carafe by Sophie Lou Jacobsen

6OZ Ripple Cups by Sophie Lou Jacobsen

12OZ Ripple Cups by Sophie Lou Jacobsen


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