by Albert Pons Tamayo

Since some weeks ago, we have been introducing some analog pictures from our beloved and talented majorcan photographer Alicia Blanch in our Instagram account.

For this assignment and collaboration with one of our favourite photographers, we wanted to give her total freedom to interpret both, the composition of some of the coolest objects in our store in her own way, and even the functionality of each one of them in her captures.

The young photographer has been able to emphatically capture our ideas and way of understanding decoration, playing with lights and reflections thus composing a visually brutal universe!

Alicia is an artist who perfectly represents the typical phrase in which "less is more", and shows that she has absolute control of both the analogue format in all its aspects: the session has been limited to only two reels, and the captures are practically unique in most cases, but their great creative capacity and security with the camera lens are more than contrasted!

Here are some of our favourites:

White Ceramic Vase Greek by HKLIVING


bottoms up vase by HAY Design

Bottoms Up Vase by HAY

Bubble Vase

Bubble Vases by &Klevering

Aykasa Medium Crates

Medium Crates by Aykasa

Fork Daisy Silver Set of 2 by &Klevering

Swirl Wine Glass by HKliving / Hobnail Glass by Anna Von Lipa

Bilboquet CarafeWave Pitcher by Sophie Lou Jacobsen

Hobnail glass and jar by Ana Von Lipa

Hobnail glass / Paris Hobnail Jug by Anna Von Lipa

Flare Candleholders by HAY

Fork Snake Set of 2 by &Klevering

Shadow Vase by HAY


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