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Sowden's Universe

by Albert Pons Tamayo

Undoubtedly, one of our favorite designers and artists is the british George Sowden, and the reasons for this choice are several, but without a doubt we would highlight the simplicity of its shapes and the color ranges in its objects for Club! And also that together with other colleagues such as Michele de Lucchi, Peter Shire, Javier Mariscal, Andrea Branzi or his wife and great artist Nathalie du Pasquier, they founded and developed one of the most influential styles for our Club Palma project: the Memphis Group.

George posing with Nathalie


Memphis Group is a huge influence on our taste and our way of looking at contemporary design and contemporary art. We could use an endless number of adjectives to define it: from casual to colorful, going through rebellious, risky, imaginative, fresh, current, criticized, admired, youthful... But what obsesses us most about the Memphis style is that it is so open. Although there are points in common in each of the executors of the style, each artist and designer who approaches the forms of Memphis has an autonomous and personal style... some opt for simple geometries and pastel colors, while others approach to more baroque structures and highly saturated tones.

Another element that delights us is the fact that 40 years after its inception, the Memphis Group style is still contemporary in 2023, and certainly embraced by many young designers and artists today with great intensity. And it is that the forms and compositions that this group of artists gave us in the 70s and 80s have remained etched in our retinas, and are an unequivocal part of the current aesthetic language. And it is that after all, the objective of design is also durability, both material and conceptual, and designers like Sowden have achieved it perfectly.


Some of the creations from Sowden



And the truth is that at Club we feel blessed to work with the HAY brand from Copenhagen, since thanks to them we have a wide collection of objects designed by Sowden in collaboration with this beautiful Danish brand.

As a result of this union, a series of objects of a fine line were born, which combines pastel colors with earth colors in a carefree way, and which stands out for containing Sowden's style in an outstanding way, elegant and simple, unpretentious and designed for daily life. .

Objects that can make our daily lives a little happier with products that we can use on a regular basis: a toaster, a juicer, a kettle, salt and pepper grinders or thermos bottles.

You can find each and every one of them in Club in many colorways!






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