by Albert Pons Tamayo

In July 2022, someone appeared in our shop, Club Palma, interested in one of our rugs. Since the first day, we felt a very good connection with Craig, our costumer, and I thought he could be a person to learn from, with a huge professional and cultural baggage. And it had been just like that. We felt very impressed with his passion around art world and also about his personal art collection in his new house in Palma, which is called La rosa Rosa.


After some days and some visits of Craig in the shop and knowing each other a bit more, he asked if we could offer him any decoration or ideas for the swimming pool in his backyard.

The first ideas revolved around simple decorations from some of the brands we work with in the store, but Craig was not convinced by any means, and his idea was something closer to ceramics and mural-type decoration but with a certain sculptural character. From that moment, I began to think of artists I know who could do a custom commission for Craig's beautiful house in the Poble Espanyol neighborhood of Palma and that could fit both his beautiful backyard and his personal tastes around aesthetics.


After thinking about it several times and observing different possibilities, Craig finally decided to bet on a commissioned work by the young Mallorcan artist named Gràcia de Juan. She accepted the idea and offered a new idea to the project that was decisive: to carry out the installation on the wall through an unusual material but increasingly used in artistic and architectural solutions: methacrylate. also known as plexyglass.

It is a highly resistant material, which offers interesting color ranges and can be worked with laser cutting at an industrial level, however it offers very neat and delicate finishes and gives any piece of art a unique finish.

From that moment and from that idea, we got in touch with Laser Mallorca, which would be the company that would take care of both the production of the work and the installation.

 Craig had a main space, on one side of the pool, but he also had two other possible spaces, on the other side of the pool and on the back of the house. Perrine offered us a quote for the execution, which was accepted by Craig, and she got to work.

From that moment, a real evolution of ideas began thanks to the work and involvement of all parties, and although the process was a bit slow, the project began to take shape once and for all.

Gràcia presented a multitude of different ideas and proposals that were adapted to a greater or lesser extent to the ideas that Craig had, but little by little we were getting closer to the culmination.

Finally the set of parts was fully installed! The result is simply incredible. The quality of the materials is superior and the effect with the light that the colors cause is mesmerizing. In addition, the figures designed by the artist Gràcia de Juan are outstanding and I think she has been able to perfectly capture Craig's ideas. The teamwork has been outstanding and the exhibition is the result of the works.



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