Who's behind Club's branding design? Club Palma

Who's behind Club's branding design?

by Albert Pons Tamayo

This is one of the most common questions from our costumers in our shop in Palma: who did this cool logo? Who is doing all this beautiful graphic design and branding for you guys?

First, we thought to keep the answer as a secret, but knowledge is power, so we decided to share it with everyone! And also, the talented artist and designer deserves too much to have her name world spread!

Irene Rivera, aka Fresh aka Mujer Gitana, is the woman who has been helping us with our branding since day one. She has become one of the biggest Club members, for sure, thanks to her empathy, understanding of our project and mostly thanks for her brain full of bright and powerful ideas. 

As we know, the job of a graphic designer sometimes is a bit heavy... Dealing with costumers is not the best situation for creativity sometimes. In that sense, we tried to give her a lot of freedom (and a long breefing, for sure!), but for sure, we felt a big connection of what we had in mind when the page was still blank with what we expected from her work, and the formula has fit perfectly.

Coming from traditional corporate graphic design, but also combined with a long background in graffiti world and painting arts, she gave us an imaginary world of funny characters, very descriptive icons, a lot of checky patterns and of course, the BEST logo ever.

You can go and follow her on her Insta SPEACE© 


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